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6 rue des Hauts Musats
89100 SENS

Tel +33 (0)3 86 83 08 78
Protection Cathodique

Certification MASE

Wood pole

Your network security……

Wood pole in service

  • Flexible
  • Resistant
  • Incomparable advantages
  • C&M checks up the wood pole setting

Photo and GPS data reports




Entire control

  • Polux measure
  • Visual aspect
  • Aerial control
  • Resonance

A pad setting for diagnosis

A complete report will be supplies with GPS data and photo of every pole.

Our inspection technology provides you with objective, reliable pole strength. You will have the capacity to decide when to replace


«One big storm without any broken wood pole ! My chief call me …

Before this date, I was expensive in investment

  • Show you the quality
  • Detect some weak points

An optimization of the maintenance