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Protection Cathodique

Certification MASE

UV detection


The awareness of electrical engineers to corona and arcing effects is growing in the last years and is backed up by worldwide research.
Corona and arcing effects can
-          Generate audio noise
-          Produce radio interference
-          Accelerate degradation of various grid components
With the UV technology, you can visualize and detect the origin of ionization.
You can visualize photons, energy emitted by electrons : a difference of potential, corona, a flame, a component very weakly conducting will excite electrons around. With the UV technology electrons will be detected.
With our UV expertise, your electrical problem could be solved. We can visualize sputtering and locate disturbing emissions.
With our expertise we will tell you:
-           it’s not the conductor but just maybe the pins
-          it’s not all but just maybe a single phase
-          it’s not the conductors but only maybe straps
-          it’s not your high voltage but just maybe the end of the feeder
You are looking for!
            We show you!
We are specialist in France since 2001, our experience and searches will make the difference!
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