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6 rue des Hauts Musats
89100 SENS

Tel +33 (0)3 86 83 08 78
Protection Cathodique

Certification MASE



  • C&M has a great experience in electricity, materials.
  • C&M can answer your need in several activities.
  • Our engineers are there to an entire understanding of your fieldwork problem. They have also a practical experience.
  • C&M has important skills in Cathodic Protection. They are Cefracor certified, qualified and regularly well trained. You can benefit of a real engineering service.

We have complete skills and we propose :

  • Special study
  • Study, new structure dimensioning and design
  • Network study, verification, measure and study of stray current
  • Update mapping with Gps data
  • Research and localization of different composant in the field
  • Turnkey project realization, pre-commissioning, commissioning
  • All installation whose moving of energized line
  • Standard maintenance
  • Conformity control

Organization, training and security

We have the Mase certification ( security, environment,…)