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6 rue des Hauts Musats
89100 SENS

Tel +33 (0)3 86 83 08 78
Protection Cathodique

Certification MASE

Cathodic Protection Works

CP works  

Following the study done by Cefracor Certified designer, C&M install Cathodic protection system for a maximum long-term protection.

Design by Cefracor certified engineer and our own staff, we order the best quality of the general system.


We can make the following various Cathodic works in Protection :
Ground beds
Change broken station
Transformer/ rectifier
Measure station 
Grounding / Earthing 
DC system   
Coating inspection   
Pipe repair
Reniew rehabilitation
Atex system
Deep drilling 



Field work capacity :

Protection Cathodique
Renieuw and protect station Pipe repair


- More than 1000 stations per year

- More than 100 T/R put in services per year


 Great experience in France

( Put there paved, hot asphalt, concretes any specialities): : 


No subcontractor civil engineering


Protection Cathodique   Protection Cathodique
  New works  




Plan typifies of setting-up   


protection cathodique  Tél : +33 (0) 3 86 83 08 78  

protection cathodique