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Protection Cathodique

Certification MASE

Cathodic protection

To reduce corrosion of your network

The cathodic protection: measure

Precision and quality of material :
Default research

Protection cathodique

Simplify research with good measurement

Protection cathodique
  • GPS Pathfinder de Trimble accurate location of 1.03/0.5 m in France
  • Rd4000
  • Level 2 , level 1 Cefracor certified
  • Electric Knowledge
  • GIES I and II
  • Atex I and II,
  • First aid safety
  • Mase certified
  • Measurement capacity 800 km default research
  • And 15000 moderate PP, 50 recordings a week ……

The cathodic protection: the works

No subcontracting except drilling big diameter

Protection cathodique

Production capacity in works : 1000 PP in creation per year + 50 posts of racking...

Our most beautiful realization in PS : Old thann: travel of a PS with renewal of an overflow, a travel of the RMBT and the connection BT under stress.

Time(Weather) of cut of PC on the cana :6 hours less

Report with photos and GPS coordinates

Protection cathodique

We can propose you:

  • The research and the localization of your various elements on the ground
  • The turnkey realization of overflows: studies, sizings, works, putting into service
  • The turnkey realization of the study of the network for the setting-up of a new post of racking
  • The measure of the connections, taken by potential, by distribution and racking post
  • The current maintenance of the connections, the casket and other broken parts (justificatory photo before replacement and after)
  • Study of new racking post (calculation and positioning)
  • The study of your networks, the checks, the measures and the studies relative to stray currents
  • Update of your plans by supplying you a GPS coordinate (precision from 30 to 50 cms)
  • Your draining placement

Our engineers' pole and our work teams allow us to realize turnkey installations with complete autonomy

Anodes Replacement, cupboards of racking

Repair, put in the standards or the creation of grips of potential

Renewal, repair, put in the standards or the job creation of racking.

The research for ground with first contact with local authorities (common signature) in the plan times with validation of the reception ground finale by the city hall or a third including:

  • Study of the existing installation
  • Determination of the perimeter the most suited for the new PS
  • Research for a ground in agreement with needs: gas, electricity and telecom...
  • Validation and signature of the convention
  • Adapted measures and realization of the sizing of the PS.

Envoi de l'étude et de l'avant projet travaux : Plans, agreement and sizing with list of the material

Examination of the case : Expectation of your agreement on the validation of the study and on the beginning of the works

  • DICT Realization
  • Taking delivery of materials
  • PPG, PPSPS, and other reunions or plans of coordinations
  • Excavation, crossing of road, compaction
  • Weld aluminothermie on the PIPE
  • Repair of surfaces as as before: asphalt under cold conditions, hot asphalt, red asphalt, paved, special cements...
  • Plan minute
  • Electric conformity by "Apave"
  • Cadastral statement and validation city hall or third of the on-surface works

Your final return completes and key in hand carefree, with plan computerized in the format dxf with Autocad or Microstation.

Including if need the putting into service of the post of racking.

Protection cathodique

the earth, the sea

Know-how, experience,
                         Experts to your service

The company Contrôle and Maintenance has important skills in cathodic protection :

4 levels And of 4 level II Afnor Competence certified..
7 levels I in training: qualified 5 level 1,,
and 20 poeple Being able to assure the works ground.

An electric engineer who has a robust expertise since 1985 in the profession, assures the technical management of the cathodic protection activities.

A Doctor in corrosion realizes in particular the project management on ports and Calais, more than 20 years of experience in cathodic protection.

A specialist in oil engineering which has a robust expertise since 1977 in the oil and the ports(bearings) assures the council of the sector sea of our activities of cathodic protection.

Our engineers' pole and our teams of works allow us to realize turnkey installations with complete autonomy and a strong experience for all the cathodic protection :

AN engineer corrosion, AN electrical engineer, THREE mechanical engineers and all other members of our company propose you a custom-made service of the cathodic protection.